Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I guess it should not come as a shock that Christians want to have the right to discriminate against various groups in society. It still is though. I guess from earlier posts you may have deduced that I think that Christianity is a basically inferior moral system, that has for centuries been holding back moral development in it's adherents. This seems like more proof.

I can understand that for purposes of employment it is okay to allow religions to discrminate against those who are not believers. That seems like the only reasonable area where discrimination would be okay. I certainly would listen to other arguments for membership and positions within a religion. HOWEVER that is not the same as wanting the right to harrass others in public.

This is not really about discrimination it is about harrassment. The Christians named in the article want the right to harrass certain groups in society with whom they do not agree. This is such a blatent fraud and very immoral idea that it has to be objected to on every level. I fail to see how it can be justified.

Maybe if it is allowed then the rest of us need to harrass and ridule these Christians as part of our right to free expression on matters of religion. I can see it now all over the world, Mormons knocking on doors to crys of derision from a group of people that follow them around all day. Meetings of Christian groups with picket lines declaring that they are liars and corrupters of children.

Yep it's certainly a big step forward.


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