Sunday, April 09, 2006

A new Gospel ???

A new gospel. This one from the point of view of Judus. This was real news?? Certainly this gospel has been known about for a long time and it really is interesting, as are many other gospels from the early church. It is hardly earth shattering enough to make the front page of the paper.

The problem I guess is the ignorance of most people as to the early centuries of the Christian church. It certainly was not the way the New Testament writings picture it. A basicly unified church with a few trouble makers. The early church was a widely diverse group of people with all sorts of wierd and wacky beliefs. What happened was that one group was able to gain political control and stamp out all of the competing groups.

Does not sound too different to any other movement in human history. The orthodox believers who had control sought to destroy every other view by burying their writings and the believers if they could. Actually the church has a long record of killing off anyone who does not toe the party line. It seems now that the early church was not as good as it thought about stamping out contrary views.

If anything this backs up what Robert Funk said for many years, which is we have a dire need for religious education. Maybe if people had a better understanding of their religions origins they would be less dogmatic about it.

Heres hoping.


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