Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is it okay?

Just the other day I heard someone say that we all need to be tolerant of the church. Although people might be rude or offensive we should accept they had the right motives and give them another chance. I hear this a lot, that somehow the rules of ordinary society do not apply in the Christian church.

My experience has been that the normal rules of polite society certainly don't apply. You won't be asked your opinion, you will be given instructions, and of course your constantly being told what to do and think. So I half agree the normal rules are not in operation. The question is if this is alright?

My answer has been a clear no. The church like every other organisation needs to get it's house in order. Sheer rudeness does not pass as concern neither does childish tantrums and offensive prejudice pass as knowledge. For me, I will never involve myself again in a church in which I do not have a voice and in which common human decency is not shown.

These things are very common in most volunteer organisations yet so lacking in the church. When will they wake up and realise how many they have driven away???


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