Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Moral Low Ground

It seems clear that in any moral argument the Christian has an awful lot of explaining to do. I am frequently amazed when Christians make a statement about morality and expect the rest of us to agree that they are right. Almost like they have some superior moral insight or understanding. The irony is that I think they are completely wrong. In any moral discussion the Christian view should automatically be distrusted until proven valid.

The track record of the Christian faith in morality is appalling. Historically all those killings of the innocent, incest, rape, murder, slavery... anyway enough from the Holy Scriptures. If we look at the Christian church today we see any number of moral evils. These evils are ongoing and reflect the complete moral bankruptcy of the Christian faith.

The surprise is that these outrages cover almost every brand of Christianity in the market. For example:
1) Refusing to support the use of condoms in AIDS ravaged Africa (Catholic)
2) Sheltering child sexual abusers (Catholic)
3) Taking money off the poor to spend on themselves (AoG)
4) Blocking aid to the third world (Evangelicals)
5) Persecution of GLBTs (All of them)
6) Subjugation of women (Most of them)
7) Attempting to revive back yard abortions (All of them)
The list could go on. The one common theme is the ongoing moral abuse that hides behind the mask of the Christian faith.

There is no answer except to say loudly and clearly to any Christian that presumes to speak with authority on ANY moral issue to be quiet. Until they can show one thread of moral decency at all, they have no place in a discussion of morality.

Why is it that the so called people of God who have been filled with the Holy Spirit have, in the church, formed the most immoral organisation known to man???


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