Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It seems that much of who we are today is defined by others to suit their own agenda. I have found myself numbered among the baby boomers in recent times and I find that quite offensive. Not that I have anything against that group but being born in 1960 I have nothing in common with them. In fact much of my adolescent years were spent dissociating myself from those who had gone before. Yet despite never having been a boomer I observe that the year brackets have slowly crept forward to encompass my birth year.

In the same way that this label has been applied to me so have many others. The one that bothers me the most is that of Christian, a label which many have said I no longer have the right to use. Yet what other term fits what I think and believe?

While I am a non realist when it comes to God, I would not consider myself an Atheist becausde the term does not capture that part of my thinking to do with God. It is a dilemma that is perhaps waiting for a solution. Maybe those of us that think this way are a new type of atheist. Not the old line of there being no God but a new line of thought, that the gods while not being real still having a linguistic and cultural existence.


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