Saturday, February 25, 2006

My poor broken hand. Finger actually still it's a good way of getting sympathy.

Brings up an idea, the last time I prayed as if it mattered.

Normally like most Christians I don't pray in a way that indicates I expect it will be answered. It's like going through the motions. I have even heard Christians explain how prayer works and that it is a way of aligning the believers thoughts with Gods. I think of this now as another way of saying prayer is a waste of time.

I prayed for Gods help during my last bout with kidney stones. Kidney stones really hurt bad. Imagine the worst pain you have had, multiply it by 100. Then imagine it continuing without a break for 7 hours. At least we have opiates, blessed relief. Anyway I found myself praying for God to help me.

He didn't.

Maybe I deserved to suffer? Maybe it was a trial sent to make me stronger?

Or a fictional character does jack in the real world.

Still when in distress we fall back on anything that might work.

I stopped praying when I realised I had started but I was amused that even in extreme pain my brain told me it was a pointless exercise.


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