Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A question came up the other day about whether I worship myself when I worship God. In other words if God is not a real being, then are the prayers and spiritual experiences we have all had the product of ourselves, are we the God we have been worshipping?

It struck me as an odd idea at first. Despite no longer believing in an objective God, I really had never considered that I was worshipping myself. Non of the experiences or prayer I have ever had have been directed to me. Maybe my unconscious mind..... I think now I can understand where the idea comes from, and why it seems attractive as an explanation to many.

It falls way short of the experiences that I have had to be an adequate explanation. I think our language has so structured our thinking that we have a very real deity to pray to. That deity exists as a vital part of our lives. Only once you stop believing can you start to break down the language patterns and forge new ones.

So I don't think we prayed to ourselves, we prayed to a construction of language with forms that were generated by that structure. That is what believers have always done and continue to do today.


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