Saturday, February 04, 2006

Maybe it's just me but are you getting sick of being told you don't need your democratic freedoms?

Firstly I have no respect for, or support terrorism in any way. However that does not translate into being willing to give up any freedom in order to prevent a terrorist attack. Throughout the Western world at the moment governments are busy undermining the basis of democracy in the name of preventing terrorism.

I have found this trend alarming in the extreme. I have been raised to believe that democratic goverment whilst never perfect was the best form of goverment for protecting freedom. It seems pointless to protect freedom by taking freedom away, once you do that you don't have democracy anymore.

Not so long ago a Danish newspaper portayed in a cartoon a major religious figure in none too reverend a light. Around the world this caused great consternation in certain nations. So much so that they now want a UN bill to create an offence called showing contempt for religion.

Why is it I can call our Prime Minister an idiot and his party a bunch of hopeless morons who could not run a three legged race; and that is fine , just a political opinion. If I call a religious leader an arrogant fool, being led by blind prejudice then I am stirring up religious hatred. Why are religious views so protected?

We all know that once the religion card is played all rationality goes out the window. Ever tried to discuss abortion with a Christian fundamentalist? It goes like this:
"I guess the key issue is when does life begin."
"God says it's wrong."
"Under what circumstances is it wrong, and why."
"Always wrong, God says so in his book."

No discussion, no reason, no common ground and we are just supposed to accept this as OK. Well I don't. By all means hold your own opinion, but if it can't be discussed, debated or reasoned with then it needs to be rejected not as belief but as uninformed prejudice.

The one thing I can say about religions, some of them deserve contempt because they are wrong. The Koran and Bible contradict each other only one can be true, although both can be false. If I claimed I had a miracle cure for cancer and wanted to sell it to the public and I could not prove its effectiveness I would not be allowed to. No matter how often I said "It's what I believe. God told me it's right in his book."

We are accepting all sorts of garbage in public and private lives based on religion and no one is prepared to say STOP! Enough prove it or go away.


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