Monday, January 30, 2006

I guess for me one of the hardest things about withdrawing from church has been the loss of that sense of belonging to a group. You are a part of a larger whole in the church. There is purpose, the sense of a shared goal and common bond. It's not all positive of course, but on the whole it provides a sense of reassurance that you don't get anywhere else.

The biggest positive has been stepping away from the bubble of the fundie mindset. It really was like my brain was in a bubble. I thought a certain way, looked at the world in that same way. I could reject other peoples ideas without having to even consider them on there merits. Stepping outside opened up the whole world and gave a very powerful feeling of being in the same world as everyone else. A sense of all people sharing a common experience of life.

I will have to consider other positives and negatives.


Blogger hogwasp said...

One of the first signs to me that I had emerged from some sort of mind bubble was spending an entire afternoon in the library (I didn't frequent libraries)reading back issues of the Sceptics Monthly. Just having a real good time scepticising. And shortly after in the State Library falling in love with Gaudi, requesting book after book and feasting on the expressive freedom and reckless beauty of his lifework.
As you say it was like belatedly falling into the same world as everyone else. That was 6 years ago and it's still a buzz catching up on 20 years of self imposed mind control.

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