Thursday, January 26, 2006

One of the areas that has most surprised me over the course of the last few years is the historical inaccuracy of the bible.

Much of the OT just never happended:
1) No evidence of an exodus
2) The Jews came from the Holy Land not from anywhere else
3) No evidence exists for David and Solomon
4) Most of what we know about the OT times was not written till after the Babylonian captivity

Then of course so much of the NT has no historical support at all. It amazed me to discover that we know pretty much nothing in detail about the first century of the Christian era. Even the dating of the Christian texts themselves tend to make them later rather the earlier.

Paul was the earliest writer and he never met Jesus. The gap to the gospels being written really raises questions. Why didn't anyone write anything at the time. Also who were these writers? The confused picture of the early church flies in the face of the carefully crafted story of the Christian Church we were told in church.

I don't think this broad picture is really disputable, so why can't I ever get a Christian to discuss these things?


Anonymous snakechic said...

Hi Wayne, I can relate to your bewilderment and perhaps frustration why xians won't look at the holes in the "big picture" but perfer to ram me with their 'faith'. I suspect its because 'faith' isn't based on 'realilty' (whatever that is) but on illusion.

All the xians I've had contact with, don't want to know....even so called 'liberals' brush it off by saying something like...'its not the facts that are important, but the overall message'... plonk. And I say..'which is'..?

and so we dance the around and around until I become dizzy and tired.

Lovely to see you hear...keep it up 'mate'.

9:32 AM  

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