Friday, April 21, 2006


I have just finished reformatting and installing my computer from scratch. Why ???? To make it run faster and more reliably. It has worked out well with no real problems so far. However while I was without its use I felt cut off. I couldn't check my email or troll the blogs or post to my favorite forums.

Not really isolation as such but non the less I felt as if a part of my life had been removed. I raise this because we are becoming increasingly dependent on our computers to form and maintain communities. They don't replace real interaction but they do add a whole new dimension to it. If you include mobile phones as well it's quite a massive part of our communications with others.

I won't bemoan the loss of old fashioned conversation, I think if any thing computers have greatly increased human interaction. I know and communicate with people from all around the world in a matter of moments. A level and ease of exchange that simply was not possible before computers.

So let us celebrate our computers for the people they lead us to and the opportunities it gives us to share our thoughts and opinions.


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