Sunday, June 18, 2006

Who is right?

Are the atheists right? What about the Christians? What about Muslims? Well I don't want to look at any of that right now. In fact i have one simple question which all Christians need to have an answer for.
Why are there so many brands of Christianity if it is the TRUE FAITH?????

I could understand it if there was a good argument to explain why so many people who have the TRUTH all disagree. Christianity as a religion cannot agree on the following:
1) What should be in the bible.
2) The authority of the bible.
3) What is needed for salvation.
4) What will happen at the end of the world.
5) Do heaven and hell exist.
6) Was Jesus divine.
In fact there are so many differences about fundamentals that Christianity as a religion looks exactly like every other religion.

While you are working out why this happened don't bother telling me that:
1) Your brand is the only true brand.
2) Because it's true Satan has tried to corrupt it.
3) In my heart I know you're right.
4) You have the deeper/inner/secret truth that the others don't have.
Don't tell me because that's what all the other salesman said.

Wake up, Christianity is no different to any other human belief system, there is nothing unique or special about it. When Christians can explain that, they will enlarge their audience.


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