Monday, May 15, 2006

Rising Faith????

An interesting article, if a little one sided. As I understand it faith is not on the rise anywhere, even in America. The number of believers and non-believers in that country has been stable for quiet a while. In Europe belief is dying off, at least according to the Anglican church.

It is very easy to distort what is happening in the U.S. For a very long time matters of faith were not reported in the media. In fact you could say that the media was controlled and run by secular interests that did not choose to report the extent and depth of religion in the U.S.A.

In recent times the growing political power of Christians groups has led to a greater coverage of faith and faith based reporting. This gives the impression of a growing movement which I think is mistaken. I think we are seeing a growth in coverage not in actual numbers.

Non-believers in America have not responded effectively to this shift in media coverage. Philosophically there has been little change. I don't think the writers claims of dissolutionment really apply. A faith in humanity is not intrinsic to atheism. Perhaps a fresh approach will arise, could we be seeing it in the number of Christians who actually do not believe that God exists?


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