Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am not a baby boomer!!!

This is a pet hate of mine, as any reader here will know. I was born in 1960 therefore any post war baby boom was well over. I am too young to remember the 60s and the music I remember from my teen years is punk rock and heavy metal. My theory is that being caught between so called generations forces too much thought on journalists and so they have to move me into one of their boxes, no matter how ill fitting.

Yes once again lazy journalists are the cause of this little rant. In today's paper I have just been reading how the "boomers" are adpoting the technology of the young. Meaning ipods, game consoles etc. This is apparently part of a never ending quest to be young. Sound plausible??? Maybe for an older generation but not for this little black duck.

I grew up with the home computer. My brother and I were typing pages of game code into our vic20 from its inception. I owned the first walkman and one of the earliest ipods. In terms of gaming I owned an intellivision, a colecovision and have played computer games since they became available on almost any platform you can name (commdore, atari, apple, pc). Given that today I still do all of these "young" things. You know like listen to music, play computer and console games, am I trying to recapture my youth?

I would describe it as continuing to do what I have always done for recreation. Journalists it is time to get off your fat arses and do some actual work instead of making stuff up!!!


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