Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ex Christians

This post on Exchristians was interesting for a number of reasons.
1. Nice to know your existence is noticed
2. Some of the reasons cited were valid and genuine
3. That as a movement Exchristians are growing and becoming more active.
The negative side is obvious and consists mainly of failing to understand the reasons behind the leaving of faith.

I think though that the writer has missed a number of important issues. Maybe because he is in fact writing from a point of view that is apologetic and the nature of the publication that he is writing for. Exchristians are by their nature people who have been involved to varying degrees in the Christian church. To leave any organisation with which one has a deep involvement will take some pretty strong reasons.

I don't want to talk about these. Instead I want to look at the psychological consequences of leaving an organisation into which a person has placed a lot of themselves.

Firstly there are the fears and regrets that we all feel. Have I made the right decision? What if I am wrong? Did I really do all that for nothing?

Secondly the anguish that turns to anger when you realize you have been deceived or lied to, by those who claim to represent a good.

Thirdly there is the determination not to be duped in this way again by people claiming one thing and representing another.

Finally there can be for some the desire to help others who have not realised exactly what the organisation is doing.

So, will an intellectual response reconvert the Exchristian?

I don't think so.


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