Sunday, June 11, 2006

Out of Eden

Like many Christians I had come to see the story of the fall as just that, a story. At one time I had believed that there was an Adam and an Eve and that they were the literal first people. As I learnt more about the bible I realised that it was never meant to be more than a story explaining why humans were as we are and how we fell from our relationship with God.

As a reformed Christian I also felt that the story showed God's loving plan for all creation that even at this low point God had prepared for those who loved him. As an atheist I now see that this story is one of the most negative and destructive stories that the world has ever heard.

Firstly it has led Christians to view themselves and the world as "fallen". In practice it means that we should not expect good things because we don't deserve them. The psychological damage that this has done is so massive and so intrinsic to Western culture we often don't even see it. It certainly explains our drive to exploit and manipulate nature whatever the consequences.

Secondly it puts every believer into the most spastic type of intellectual masturbation imaginable just to make sense of the story. Because it does not make any sense. God (who knows everything and is all powerful) creates a species and gives them a choice, even though he already knows they will disobey him. That makes no sense at all, why not create a species who will do what you say. I have always been told it's because of freewill. What a load of shit!!! It is not freewill to say to someone you have a choice: choose a and I will bless you, choose b and I will shoot you in the head. That is not a choice. If after the choice the rest of humanity is forever sinful, how is that a choice for the billions of us that followed?

Finally we need at this time to see this story for what it is a bronze age myth. It may have been helpful once but it's harmful now. If as I did you feel it's only a story that captures a truth about God and man, it's time to wake up.
If there was no real fall, then there is no original sin.

Get it, we ARE NOT sinners.

We don't need saving!!


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