Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why don't we count???

A recent news item came to my attention because of the odd comments that were made in relation to it. The Queensland department of Health has decided that it is no longer appropriation for Gideons to place bibles in every hospital room. The reasons given have been around issues of respecting other beliefs.

I for one can see no problem with this. All patients can have their Holy Book upon request (if they forgot to bring it with them). The ban only says that no one text will be given to everybody whatever their faith or lack there of. I would have thought that leaving one book in a hospital room as patients changed would be a potential source of infection. In addition when I was a Christian the idea of not taking my bible with me was unthinkable.

My objection to all of this came in the form of a morning television show which looked at the issue. The first argument came in the form of an anecdote by a journalist who had recently had a child. She commented about comforted she had been by the bibles presence, she actually never opened it but felt it's presence gave her peace of mind. I guess this peace of mind would not have been possible if the bible had been stored with a nurse.

The second point really angered me. People of other faiths are not offended by the bibles as many of these faiths respect it, the problem is non-believers who think that any religion presence is unacceptable. The problem seems to be that only people of faith have the right to comment on matters of religion. As an atheist I have no right to ask for a hospital bed free of any religious mythology?

Clearly we just don't count.


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