Friday, July 28, 2006

Where will your soul go??

Where will your soul spend eternity? This is a question often asked by evangelists keen to convert their hearers. It's a very good question, but of course it makes a few assumptions;
1) We actually have a non-physical part of ourselves called a soul
2) The soul is eternal and does not die
3) If we displease God he will punish our soul for all eternity
So really the choice is simple, believe or burn.

We can respond in a number of ways, or right rejection seems the most logical. "We don't have a soul, so your claim is nonsense." It neatly puts the position of the non-believer but does nothing to force the evangelist to think about their claims.

Instead we should ask as a counter question "Where was your soul before you were born?" It seems like a wanky question but it does force the believer to address some or all of their assumptions;
1) If the soul once did not exist, why can't it cease to exist in the future
2) When does it become one with the body
3) Is this new soul created by God pure or tainted
Will our evangelist address any of these, I doubt it.

What the question allows us to do, is to turn the tables.
Once they tell us it did not exist we can share with them that it still doesn't.


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