Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Injustice of Hell

In many church's today we don't here much about hell. I don't know why because Jesus talked about it all the time. In fact Christians have claimed that Jesus death and resurrection provides the only way to escape the just punishment of hell.

The lake of eternal fire, the place of torment where all who are less than perfect will burn for all eternity.

This seems unjust for two reasons:

1) The sin was not eternal. Take the worst person you can imagine. Hitler for example. Yes he was responsible for the torture and murder of millions. He certainly deserves to be punished, no question. But for how long???
God could certainly list all of his sins, but at some point; maybe after a million years of torment for each death for which he was responsible, surely he would have paid the price.

It is not just to give eternal punishment for finite offences.

2) Why is there only one punishment. Hitler is burning in hell for eternity right next to Gandhi. Both are earned the same punishment?? While medieval theologians tried to give hell levels, the bible doesn't make those distinctions.

It is not just to give the same punishment to both severe crimes and minor crimes.

Finally, why does God need Jesus to die in order to forgive the creatures he created and caused to sin, so he won't send them all to a hell he created because he is so LIMITED he can't forgive them himself.

The whole concept of hell is unjust and makes little sense.


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