Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Self Sufficiency

What is it about humans that drives us to seek control over others. To seek to have power to force everyone to comply with one groups ideas of what is right. It is in democracies, couched in formal language that implies a moral imperative, it will protect the weak, preserve our institutions, or in some way serve the greater good. But almost always it pushes the views of a minority onto a majority who do not want it and resist it.

In Australia we are starting on an Internet censorship path that defies logic and the clear will of the Australian people. The idea being to create a secret list of web sites that will be blocked. The public will not know what is on the list or the reasons for it. This does not sound like a democracy to me.

What is this desire to control democratic freedom? The desire to tell us what we can and cannot do. It bothers me greatly that here in Australia we have given up so many hard one freedoms in the few years. First we needed to protect ourselves from terrorists, who have not actually done anything here, But just in case. Now we have to protect children from the internet by taking away the freedom of everyone. What is to be next save those allergic to peanuts by making peanuts illegal?

At a certain point we must reverse this over intrusive over bearing idea that government should control our lives. We must be responsible for our actions, we must protect our own children. I am always stunned when parents allow their children unsupervised access to the internet. They don't give them large amounts of cash or send them off on long trips alone. The world is a dangerous place we need to learn to protect ourselves.


Anonymous Pushpa said...

Hi Wayne, It is indeed disturbing to learn about the iminent censorship of human rights in a so called 'democratic country'. The need for power and control rises from fear. Nothing that is generated by fear will survive. The human race is in a phase of rapid evolution and nothing can stop this. The process may appear slow but I do feel that we have progressed so much so quickly. The internet is a classic example and now that so many of us have connected it will take more than a handful of govt. bodies to stop us. Its a numbers game and the rising numbers of people wanting peace and love cannot be stopped.

7:06 AM  

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