Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is Atheism a religion ???

 Pope Richard
Many believers have been claiming in recent times that Atheism is in fact a religion. We have a set of beliefs and we stick to them. It takes faith to believe in Atheism and like any religion we have our sacred books and our own pope in Richard Dawkins.

Usually atheists reject this idea. I am going to suggest we embrace it. It's always proposed by Believers and rejected as being a smear tactic. What if we adopt this whole approach, what can we gain.

As a religion Atheism:

Can become a tax exempt charity.
Demand to be spoken of with respect with all other faiths.
Make use of anti discrimination laws to prevent criticism and demand equal time.
Parents can object to any Christian materials in libraries or school classrooms as being discriminatory against their faith.
Get government support available to people of faith.
Demand Atheist chaplains in schools, hospitals and the military.

I'm sure you can think of other examples where being a religion would be of huge benefit. Next time someone says to you that Atheism is a religion don't be too quick to disagree.


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