Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Cult of Celebrity

Why do they enchant us so?

The glitz the glamour, who is sleeping with whom this week. We cannot get enough of their lives, the movie stars, singers and even those famous for just being famous. They don't lead the sort of lives most of us would want to live. No stable family life or career; instead drugs, parties, easy sex and an almost never ending stream of money and attention.

I don't care much myself and as many will tell you I can't even identify most celebrities little alone inform you on the machinations of their lives. What does interest me is that people follow them. If Paris Hilton tries a new diet millions will follow, if Angelina chooses a new cosmetic then it will sell out, and if Madonna adopts a new religion it will become instantly popular.

My butcher does not perform surgery on me (a good thing really) nor do I consult my doctor when my car won't start. In the normal course of events we consult those with knowledge and experience in the area that we are seeking advice. Why then does our society follow the dictates of non-expert celebrities?

Given the difficulties many have had recently in remembering to put on their underwear (just checked I definitely remembered this morning) or have been through a string of failed financial dealings, drug addiction, broken relationships etc; these people are unfit to offer any advice. If they were not famous we would not have them into our homes.

Next time you're listening to some celebrity, ask yourself "What the hell would they know?"

The answer is usually



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