Sunday, November 19, 2006

Counting the Cost!!

I have been thinking about this for the last few days. It's one of those slogans that we hear a lot. It gives sound advice, from time to time it is a good idea to look at the cost of something in our lives and decide if that activity or interest really is worth that much to us.

I think it's time we count the cost of Christianity and see if it really is worth it. This is not designed to make you change your views merely to evaluate them.

1) Christianity offers eternal life to all who accept and believe in Jesus Christ.

Because this life is merely a stepping stone to another greater life we can sustain hardship and sacrifice for the cause of Christ. What if you are mistaken?
Lost friendships and opportunities given up for a non-existent future.
If you have only one life you will have wasted it on a fictional dream that never happens.
You devalue everything that is wonderful in this world against a fictional world in your head.

2) Jesus offers us clear direction in life. We know 100% what is right.

If we use Jesus guidance we cannot go wrong we can enforce the law of God. What if you are mistaken or misunderstand?


You will have judged others on pure prejudice.
You will reject much of what enriches life, diversity.
Slamming doors and denying evidence isolates you from your fellow man.
Who made you judge?

3) Giving to God enriches the world.

The money we give to Christian organisations improves the world. Where does all that money go and how is it used?


By supporting my church I help pay for a minister and church building. Church buildings are often worth millions and are hardly used, is that what Jesus advocated?
The church has billions of dollars of property. What for, it doesn't help the poor.
Why spend billions on Gospel outreach, what a waste if it is not true.
The church funds political organisations, should this not be a private matter?

4) sacrificing my time in his service is an honour. How valuable is your contribution?

Thousands of hours wasted on a meaningless cause.
What would happen if you were not involved?
Are you doing for free a job that someone should be paid for.

I guess the point of all this is that Christianity costs our society billions of dollars and individuals thousands of hours. What does the church do with all this and in the end is it worthwhile.

Have you counted the cost?


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