Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is God?

Silly question really but worth asking. Can you define the attributes of God? What is God like? For all those believers out there this is a really confronting question. Please avoid the obvious contradictions eg all powerful and all knowing, you can have one but not both.

What will go on your list? For me a god would have to be more than just a more powerful and wiser creature. Chris and I am more powerful and wiser than Pussboy. That doesn't make us Gods. Certainly not in his eyes.

Maybe it's compassion God would have to have compassion. Again put your list together and this is the thing about this activity. It doesn't matter what is on your list, because when you use it to judge the claims of a diety from the various human gods, they always come up short.

So make your list and compare it to your favouite diety, don't be surprised when that diety falls way short of your standard.


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