Saturday, November 04, 2006

Christians immoral Again - Why are we not surprised?

Once again in the news this week prominent Christians are guilty of incredible immorality. This comes as a surprise and shock to Christians. I'm not sure why? Given the complete bankruptcy of their religion in the moral realm it is more a wonder that it doesn't happen more often. Maybe it's the ability of Christians to hide their immorality that gives us the reason.

Our first hero is that champion of the faith Kent Hovind (
Kent suffers from the delusion that he does not need to pay his taxes and that anyone that works for him is a missionary. This week he and his wife discovered that not only does the government think he needs to pay taxes so does the court. Looking on the positive side he and his wife will be able to begin a new ministry, prison outreach. Oops should that be Prison Sharing Ministries?

The second leader to fall into moral difficulties is that well known Evangelical leader Ted Haggart. A prominent evangelical leader and pastor has been accused of regularly paying for sex with a male escort. It's a cause of terrible sadness when a man's beliefs force him to deny his sexuality and attempt to repress it. Ted is more of a victim here of Christianity.

unfortunately you tend to lose all sympathy when you openly preach hatred and oppression against a social group of which you are a member. His response while initially to deny all accusations has changed and he now admits to visiting the man for a "massage" at a hotels recommendation and buying metaamphetamines from him. Needless to say no sexual contact occurred and he never used the drugs. Now that's the pastor I want for my children what a great example.

What do we say?

It is time to abandon the stone age beliefs and confront the world as it really is. Bankrupt and corrupt moral systems need to abandoned. We must develop a sound moral code based on reason not blind belief in a non existent deity.


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