Tuesday, January 02, 2007

True Christians??

I was listening to a podcast the other morning in which three Christians were discussing theology. Two of them were reformed (Calvinist) the other was a Mormon. It was an interesting discussion, polite and friendly and it revealed that there was very little between their theological views. What made the discussion interesting to me was that the two reformed Christians tried to show just how vastly different they were from the Mormon Christian. The problem was every time they stated a vital doctrine in heavily laden jargon he would ask what they meant and when explained in plain English the Mormon Christian kept saying that his church held that same view.

There are differences between various Christian groups of that there is no doubt. Mormons and Calvinists are very different in many of their teachings. Catholic and Orthodox Christians differ from protestants in many ways. Yet they all have more in common with each other than with Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims. All of those outside of Christianity see that it as a very diverse religious faith.

So I wish they would stop trying to define anyone who has a different view as not being a true Christian. Like it or not everyone outside of your faith sees this nit picking as an annoying avoidance of dealing with the indisputable fact that devout Christians of good conscience disagree. Get over it.

A Christian is someone who sees Jesus as a central figure in their personal faith and sees the bible (New Testament) as having a role in that. All the rest is just your own infighting. The rest of us will not accept that person x is not a TRUE Christian and only you are right. You are all Christians, we non believers simply ask you to get along with each other and stop trying to define each other out of existence.


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