Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why Intelligent design is Unbiblical!!

This argument blew me away when I first heard it the other day. So used was I to hearing Christians talk about the evidence for design that it never occurred to me that Christians might oppose the movement for biblical grounds.

Many of you have little Christian background so I will try to state the biblical argument as simply and directly as I can. The origins are in reformed apologetics, a view of defending the Christian faith that depends heavily on the bible as the central pillar of faith.

The argument:

1) Do you as a Christian accept that the bible is the authoritative Word of God, the final Word of Truth and Light for a fallen world?

2) Do you then accept that it was the sin of Adam and Eve (the original sin) that broke mankind's link with God and created the fallen world we have today?

3) Do you accept that salvation comes not from man's striving but from the grace of God through Jesus Christ?

4) Do you accept that as a Christian it is your responsibility to tell the world God's message of Salvation in Jesus as he as proclaimed in His Word?

If a Christian answers yes to each of these statements and most fundamentalists will then logically they cannot support intelligent design, and remain a Biblical Christian.

The serpent deceived Adam and Eve in Eden, Eve listened as the serpent twisted the word that God had commanded them. God commanded "if you touch the tree or eat of it's fruit you will die." (Gen 3:3). The serpent said if you eat it " will be like God, knowing good and evil" (Gen 3:5). Later on Eve tries to blame the serpent, Adam blames Eve and God punishes both for not listening to his word.

The bible teaches throughout (according to conservative Christians) that God's people must remain faithful and declare His Word. In fact it is the very foundation of the faith.

How then can any Christian propagate a theory that does not have as its starting point God's Word? In fact they are doing exactly what Eve did and what Paul repeatedly warns against using the foolish wisdom of man instead of the divine truth of God.

In short from now on, when any conservative Christian spouts Intelligent Design crap I won't disagree I will call them to repent of their sins or else join the rest of us and use their brains.


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